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Welcome to This website aims to provide you with quality products and information for airsoft guns, paintball guns, and accessories. Find out what makes airsoft guns and paintball guns fun, safe, and how they are used in other activities such as firearm safety.

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Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns are rapidly becoming more popular around the world and are used for light entertainment such as target practice and playing around with friends.

They're also used in more higher fields such as movies and professional firearm training. You can find a majority of real guns replicated into airsoft guns on the market nowadays. Most airsoft guns use 6mm lightweight plastic BB's.

They come in many styles such as airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles, and many more. There are basically three different types of airsoft guns: Spring/Air, Electric (AEG), and Gas.

Airsoft guns are considered "safe", but they can still be dangerous as some of them can shoot up to 300 feet per second (FPS).

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Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns have been around since the 70's when foresters would use them to mark certain trees for research such as planning trails. Nowadays, paintballing is considered a sport where large paintball gun tournaments are held which over 100 competitors come out to play.

Basically paintball Guns consist of the paintball itself, the paintball gun (also referred to as the paintball marker), the hopper, and compressed gas.

The compressed gas can be carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), or air. The paintball itself weights only a few grams and measures 0.68 inches. The paintball bursts on impact leaving a 6 inch splatter of paint. The paint is water-soluble and non-toxic so that it will easily wash off skin and clothes. The hopper is what holds the paintballs.

The top speed which a paintball may reach is 300 feet per second (FPS).

For more indepth information, visit the paintball guns section.

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Warning: Airsoft Guns and Paintball Guns can be dangerous and should be used properly. Eye protection should be worn when in use.

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